Clothing Optional Pool Decks

Couples Cruises are not “Nude Cruises” but you can go topless or nude if you want.

We are often asked “What is the difference between a Couples Cruise and a nude cruise (like Bare Necessities)?” On a nude cruise, people can go naked almost anywhere on the ship, on a Couples Cruise, nudity is restricted to the main pool and sun decks. If you can lay out and get a tan, go swimming or in a hot tub, then you can be topless or even nude.

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Almost everyone is nude on a nude cruise, but on a Couples Cruise, about a third of the ladies go topless, another third go fully nude and the rest wear bathing suits (although some are very tiny). It’s a good mix of people and cultures and it creates the perfect vibe for those not ready to go nude, but are interested in the possibility.

As the cruise goes on, more people go topless or nude. They feel more comfortable and the more people they see that are topless or nude, the less afraid they are to give it a try. So if you are considering a nude cruise but you are nervous, come try a Couples Cruise and there won’t be any pressure and you can decide how you feel comfortable in an atmosphere that accepts any option you might choose.

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