Cruise With Confidence

Book your CouplesCruise® cabin early to guarantee you will get the best rate. Our cabins are always at the lowest price when a new cruise is released, as the cruise gets closer, prices will only increase. You can “Cruise with Confidence” with CouplesCruise®.

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Book early

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best cabin

We guarantee you the lowest price, no matter when you book. When you book early with us, we’ll guarantee you the best rate possible, right up to our sailing date. If you notice that CouplesCruise® has offered a lower rate or discount, simply email us and you will get a credit towards your balance or a refund for the difference if you are paid in full. Other customers that booked other cruises early ended up paying as much as 70% more than those that booked at the last minute. We don’t punish those that reserve early; we reward you with the best cabins and our price guarantee.

So why wait to book a CouplesCruise®? Book today and you’ll get the chance to pick your cabin at the lowest price; remember our prices only go up as the cruise gets closer.

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Travel Agents & Pricing

Travel Agents are a big part of the success of CouplesCruise® and we fully support our travel partners. All of our cabins are priced the same whether they are sold through a travel agent or through CouplesCruise®. If you currently work with a travel agent, you can book through them and you will get the same great prices that you will find here on the CouplesCruise® website 

If your travel agent isn't selling the Couples Cruise, ask them why not or let us know. We will be happy to contact them and see if they want to join the Couples Cruise affiliate family.

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Price Guarantee

This guarantee pertains to the price per cabin and the one time additional fee charge covering; Port Charges, Taxes, Document Fees, Gratuities, and Administration Security Fees. If you notice that either, or both of these prices are reduced, contact CouplesCruise® or your Travel Agent and we will match the lower price by reducing the balance to reflect the reduction in price. If the cabin is paid in full, a refund for the difference will be made to the customer before the ship sails. 

We are only responsible for CouplesCruise® pricing and cannot be responsible for any reseller’s pricing. Added value such as free transfers, amenities, invitations to private parties, offers for additional on board credits, convention packages, and any other offers that do not include a reduction in the per person price of the cabin or the additional fee (Port Charges, Taxes, Document Fees, Gratuities, Administration Security Fees) does not count as a price reduction.

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