Missing The Boat

Arriving early at the port city guarantees you won’t miss the boat due to unforeseen travel delays the day we set sail. Join us a day or two early to get the party started and begin making those memorable connections that last a lifetime. We’ll have all sorts of fun planned exclusively for our Couples Cruisers, so arrive early and don’t miss a thing.

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Can you imagine the horror of missing your Couples Cruise vacation due to circumstances beyond your control? It may seem like a great idea to save a few bucks by arriving at the port city the day of the cruise, but don’t chance it! You certainly don’t want to make all your plans only to miss the boat! Arriving at the departure port city a day or two prior to departure means you won’t miss out on a moment of the fun. So get there early, get acquainted with your fellow cruisers, and start your cruise off on the right foot!

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Delays Can Ruin Your Vacation

We strongly advise our passengers to come into the departure port city at least one day early. For port cities outside of the United States, we recommend arriving two days early. We can't tell you how many people try to fly or drive in on the day of a cruise, only to have car trouble, miss a flight, or run into inclement weather and end up missing the boat. If you do miss the boat, you can catch a flight to our next destination, but in many cases, you will have missed at least a third of the cruise. Also, you will have to buy last minute airfare to the next destination (and that won't be cheap!). Even travel insurance won't pay for this just because you missed the boarding time.

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Start Connecting

Need another reason to come in early? Get to know your shipmates before we set sail! We will be offering a variety of Meet & Greets, receptions, and opportunities to meet your fellow cruisers. You can catch up with old friends and make new ones before you even get on board. So don't even think of coming in on the day of your CouplesCruise®, it just isn't worth the risk.

See you in Port, at least one night before the  CouplesCruise®! Start making your cruise connection now, see who’s on your next cruise on AlreadyBooked.com

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