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You never know what life will throw your way. Travel insurance means you’re covered if the unexpected happens. We’ve partnered with a trusted provider to offer a range of travel insurance programs for every need and budget. Explore the policies available and choose your coverage to plan your trip without worry.

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We highly recommend getting travel insurance. Sometimes life happens, and just like car and health insurance, trip insurance is another way to have peace of mind.  The insurance we offer not only covers the cruises, it can also cover airfare, medical expenses, and much more related to your trip. This insurance can be used for deaths in the family, medical reasons, work related issues, and they even have policies where you can cancel for any reason, please read all policies for complete explanations of coverage.


Explore coverage options and quotes here.

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For more than a decade, iTravelInsured®, Inc. has provided travel insurance to over a million travelers worldwide. While traveling is an exciting experience, anything can happen while you are away from home. Specially designed travel insurance plans paired with world-class service provide the coverage and confidence travelers need and have come to expect from iTravelInsured. Protect your travel investment from the unexpected, and rest assured that iTravelInsured is there with you.

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