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Couples Cruise: Staff & Ambassadors

Become part of the Couples Cruise team!


Become a Couples Cruise staff memberHave you ever thought you would want to be a part of making the magic happen on a Couples Cruise? Seeing thousand of happy cruisers smiling and know you took a part in that? We have a limited amount of positions available for personnel wanting to join the Couples Cruise team.


There is a lot that goes into making the Couples Cruise magic happen. It’s not all flashy dances and disco lights; the team has to stuff thousand of welcome bags, move over 30 mattress and box springs, decorate a 1,000 plus sq ft playroom, hang banners, etc. All of this is before the cruise ship even leaves port. We are looking for people who are willing to stay sober while the party is rocking, who will show up on time, and want to be a part of the greatest lifestyle event at sea.

Become a Couples Cruise ambassador

This is not a way to get a free cruise. You will be required to work or you may be dismissed at the next port, only to have to make your own arrangements to get home. We have two positions available, so you can choose your level of involvement and work hours.

As an Ambassador of Couples Cruise, you’ll have more time to enjoy your cruise. An Ambassador gets a significantly reduced cabin rate on a two person interior cabin in exchange for a designated amount of working hours. For a 5-night cruise, you would be scheduled for approximately 25-35 hours. For a 7 night cruise, you would be scheduled for approximately 40-50 hours. Ambassador positions are great for couples. We schedule Ambassadors as a team, so when one member is off duty, so is the other. In many cases you do would work the same area, but sometimes we do have to split a team over two different areas of the ship.

Become a Couples Cruise team member

We also offer a limited amount of paid Staff positions. Most of our Staff started on Couples Cruise as Ambassadors. Staff members have a significantly more hours scheduled. For a 5-night cruise, you would be scheduled for approximately 45-55 hours. For a 7 night cruise, you would be scheduled for approximately 60-70 hours. The additional hours tend to include more late night or early morning shifts. Most Staff Members are assigned to larger family style cabins, with 3 to 4 Staff members sharing a cabin.

If you think, you would be a great addition to the Couples Cruise team please fill out the form below.