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Our cruises are intended for Couples. That is why our name is Couples Cruise.
Of course, we get lots of requests from singles that want to come on our cruises and we have allowed some, from time to time, on a case-by-case basis.

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Many of our Couples Cruise Team are singles, some have met on board and became couples and some now cruise as passengers instead of team members. Note, we are always looking for new team members, so if you are interested in joining our team go to our team application. We don’t want to say no to every single, but our priorities are for couples.

Lagniappe. A French word meaning "a little something extra" used primarily in the south. Especially in the New Orleans area.

We are now offering a little something extra for our cruises, by opening up the way for singles to get the Couples Cruise experience .

Plus 1 Club. That’s why we came up with the Plus 1 Club. The Plus 1 Club is an exclusive membership club for singles that want to cruise on a Couples Cruise but don’t have a partner. They could be a single gentleman or a lady, or someone that has a partner but they cannot travel together for one of our cruises.

We are going to keep the Plus 1 Club occupancy to less than 2% of the ship. After all, we are a Couples Cruise. Having some select singles on board will give us more diversity, energy and add to the sexy vibe already on board.

Sexy Swingles. A single man or a woman that is in the “swinging lifestyle”

Not all couples are interested in playing with singles and certainly not all singles will be interested in playing with couples. Our goal is not to “Hook people up” on board, our goal is to bring like-minded people together which is one of our core focuses at Couples Cruise.

We will have Sexy Swingle’s Meet & Greets on board for singles interested in playing with couples as well as couples looking for singles. This is a great way to network and find like minded people on board.

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Being on a Couples Cruise as a single is a privilege and with that privilege comes responsibility. We ask our Plus 1 Club members to always be respectful, understand that “no means no” and that this is first and foremost a Couples Cruise and they must always keep this in mind when approaching a couple.

We expect the same respect and courtesy from our couples towards any of our singles, as well. We will not tolerate anyone breaking our rules and being bad shipmates.

We will have special lanyards for our Plus 1 Club members that will easily identify them as a Club Members. We will have wristbands as well so that it is easy for you to know who is who. We do this not to “brand” anyone but to let them stand out and shine.

It’s time to broaden our appeal and listen to our customers. For those not interested in singles, you will hardly know that they are there. For those that are, you have a chance to expand your circle of friends and meet some great people.

So let’s get ready for some awesome and sexy Club Members to help round out our Adults Only, Clothing Optional charters.

With no kids, clothing optional and topless pools, body painting and erotic theme nights, it will give single men and women a great opportunity to enjoy an adult cruise, on their terms.

If you are a couple and you know a great girl or guy that would be the perfect Club Member for a Couples Cruise, fill out this referral form and we’ll contact them.

If you are single and this sounds like the perfect cruise for you, simply fill out the form below

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Lady | Gentleman

Lady: A single, generally bi-sexual female that participates in the lifestyle; referred to as a "unicorn" because they are so rare.

We now offer single ladies a chance to cruise with other single ladies or book a cabin by themselves. Onboard, there will be Meet & Greets where singles can meet other singles and of course, couples. This is a great way for single ladies, that wish to be single, a place to meet couples in a safe, upscale place.

Many couples are looking for “Unicorns”, but they are hard to find. We hope to change that on a Couples Cruise. That’s why we are starting the Plus 1 Club. The first cruise of it’s kind in the world that will help couples meet single ladies, and single ladies meet couples. A single lady can be in charge of her own sexuality and meet others on her own terms. A Couples Cruise affords everyone the opportunity to be themselves and find others like themselves. It is the perfect place to find a unicorn or for a strong woman to find herself.

We do not discriminate, so we are looking for the perfect Gentlemen to be Plus 1 Club Members; a way to give a limited amount of select Gentlemen, a chance to experience a Couples Cruise. We do not take this lightly and will ensure that only true gentlemen that embrace our concept are welcome on our charters.

Just as some couples are looking for a “Unicorn”, some couples are looking for a “Gentleman”, some couples maybe looking for a “Gentleman” for their ladies, and some of our Gentleman might be looking for a Unicorn. The Plus 1 Club allows for diversity in how we participate in the lifestyle, for everyone to be represented: Couples, Unicorns and Gentlemen.

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