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Do you like to travel with friends? Consider putting a group together. If you put a group together, you can all save money! Starting a Couples Cruise groups is easy, all you need to do is fill out the form below. Once this is completed, you will be given a link to send to your friends, put on your newsletter or send out in an email blast and tell them to book with your group. Once 4 other couples book the same cruise with your link, the savings kick in.

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A minimum of 5 cabins on the same cruise is required to qualify as a group. This is only good on new bookings. If you are already signed up and you want to set up a group, that is fine, but none of the cabins in your group can already be booked. At least 4 of the 5 cabins have to be new bookings to qualify.

Compensation. When your 5th cabin registers, your cabin and all of your group will automatically save 5%. If your group pays with a check, you will save another 5%! That’s 10% off for your entire group.

Think Big. Book 10 cabins and pay with a check and you cruise for free! Note: You still need to pay your taxes, gratuities and port charges). If you book more than 10 cabins, you will earn 10% on every cabin over 10 which we will put into your shipboard account on the 2nd sea day on board.

Say you set up a group and they book 12 cabins, all balconies and you pay in cash. You will get the base price of your cabin for free and earn $300 to spend on board.

Think Bigger. If you can put together a really large group (36 or more cabins), we can raise the discount to 10% (plus another 5% for those that pay by check) which could save you and your group 15% on your cruise.

Group Fine Print: Shipboard credits are calculated based on the average cost, per cabin, in your group.

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