Theme Nights

You certainly don’t have to dress up or wear a costume, in fact, you can just people watch and you will be amazed by the creativity and pure sexiness of our passengers, but it is fun to participate.

Here are our themes for the California/Mexico Cruise:

Day 1



Dinner Dress


Theme Night

Tropical Night

As we set out on the high seas, you’ll want to easily find new people to meet. We suggest that you wear team jerseys or other apparel featuring your favorite sports team. This way, you will instantly find people from your hometown, or at least other people that love that town or team too. This makes for a great icebreaker when making new friends as we embark for adult fun and adventure!

For our first night at sea, the theme will be Tropical Night to get this Couples Cruise® party started! Get in the cruise mood by wearing your favorite tropical dress or Hawaiian shirt. From Tommy Bahama to Cuba Vera to linen or tropical prints, you can’t go wrong on this relaxed first night of cruising!

Day 2

dinner dress


theme night


Our second night at sea will feature our sexy and tantalizing Pajama Party! Ladies, this is your chance to flaunt that sweet and sassy lingerie. And guys, you’re not getting off that easy! We expect to see your jammies, too – so strut those silky boxers or your best briefs. Being sexy is not a requirement; maybe you’re in the mood for some footed pajamas or pajama bottoms featuring your favorite supper hero. You can even choose to have matching couple PJ’s. This is your cruise to express yourself, however you are. While some of you may sleep in the nude, this is a PJ Party so you will need to dress accordingly. Before you fall asleep tonight, make sure you check out these couple sleeping styles and what it means.

Day 3

Dinner Dress

Dress to Impress

Theme Night

Haunted Ship

It’s October and Halloween is right around the corner, so why not celebrate early with your best costume (there will be a contest!). This is another great time to book a body painter to help you with your costume.

Day 4

Dinner Dress

Dress to Impress

Theme Night

Mardi Gras

This is our signature event and we know how to “Let the Good Times Roll!”. There will be Purple, Gold & Green outfits as well as feather boas, masks, corsets and beads (lots of beads). This is a great night for body painting for those that are in the Mardi Gras spirit (book your appointment early to ensure availability).

A great way to end the cruise with a bang.

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