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One of the best features of this charter is that NCL has “Freestyle Dining”. Most cruise lines have assigned tables and assigned times to eat for every cabin, but NCL allows their passengers to eat where and when they want. It has always been very difficult for our past charters to adopt our “open seating” policies, because their kitchen and wait staff are not used to this concept (causing long lines on some ships).

This is what NCL does and they do it well. We won’t need any training as this is how they serve their passengers year round.

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Main Dining

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served via open seating at one of the two traditional restaurants, but you can take advantage of the Garden Cafe and Great Outdoors Cafe, which are outdoor cafes.

Pearl's two main dining rooms serve up the same menu but with different decor, so you feel like you are dining in two different dining rooms.

There's also a Continental breakfast served in Bar City (an area with multiple drinking establishments on Deck 6), with rolls, croissants, juice, coffee, tea, bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon. The bars aren't open at that hour, so it's a quiet, pleasant place to have a morning meal.

Complimentary late-night food options start around 10 p.m. You can find these late night snacks in four areas: Bar City (right outside of Le Bistro), Pearl Club Casino, Great Outdoors Cafe and O'Sheehan's. Both Bar City and the casino usually offer one main finger food (like egg rolls, steak skewers) followed by assorted fruit, cookies and sandwiches. Great Outdoors takes it up a notch with hot entrees, soups, salads and bacon and eggs for partygoers until about 4 a.m. O'Sheehan's is open 24/7, offering pub food like chicken potpie or Buffalo wings to soak up the drinks or satisfy those late night munchies.

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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Deck 6, midship

Indigo, the smaller of the two main dining rooms, fittingly features a blue and purple color scheme with flashy, multicolored artwork of American landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Hollywood sign. Indigo is usually open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but dinner is served a bit later here than in Summer Palace, for those looking to eat later in the evening.

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Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Deck 6 - AFT

Summer Palace is only accessible by walking down a short staircase at the back of the ship to Deck 6. The restaurant features a stunning array of red and green seating, marble columns and large windows at the aft. The artwork that line the walls will make you seem like you are dining at a fancy estate. The menus in both main dining rooms are the same, and most selections change nightly.

Dishes marked with a check are healthy options, and vegetarian options are available, along with other dietary accommodations, arranged upon request. A sugar-free dessert is available at every meal.

Besides an array of ice cream, pies and the like, both dining rooms also offer specialty Lavazza Italian coffee, available at an additional charge.

The Main dining room breakfast menu offers up made-to-order hot and cold options like omelets, cereal, pastries, fresh fruit, French toast, bagels and lox and eggs Benedict.

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Specialty Dining

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Le Bistro

Lunch, Dinner

Deck 6

French restaurant Le Bistro has an upscale Art Nouveau setting, and serves dishes like escargot as an appetizer (most apps cost about $5.99) and duck confit and grilled swordfish as mains (entrees range from $12.99 to $34.99). The chocolate Napoleon is the dessert highlight here -- most desserts are priced at $5.99.

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Sushi Bar

Lunch, Dinner

Deck 7

Adjacent to Lotus Garden is a sushi bar, open for lunch on sea days and nightly for dinner. While sushi rolls and sashimi are also available to order on the Lotus Garden menu, the bar allows for a more authentic feel, as you watch the sushi chefs create your order. Rolls with names like Ten Shades of Grey Roll or Two-Timing Tuna Roll range from $5 to $7.50. Nigiri (raw fish over rice) is $3.95 and an order of sashimi (raw fish) is $5.95.

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Highlights include the hibachi chicken with udon noodles and an exotic green tea cake for dessert. Fair warning though: There are only four tables (with about eight to 10 seats at each) in this small restaurant, so you need a reservation.


Lunch, Dinner. Need reservation.

Deck 7 - MID-SHIP

Teppanyaki is Norwegian's popular Japanese Hibachi restaurant where the preparation of your food is a show. Skillful and playful chefs balance eggs on the back of spatulas and flip and catch shrimp, all while serving you a three-course meal.

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The pre-made salad options -- like the yellow beet with chicken and mango; or the shrimp, scallop and red snapper ceviche -- are also exquisite. For your main course, there's no need to choose just one; waiters come around with meat on skewers, and you can try small portions of everything. Sides, including mashed potatoes, fried sweet bananas, and rice and beans, are served with the meat. Beware: It's very easy to fill up on starters before the meat is brought around. Pace yourself.

Moderno Churrascaria


Deck 13

This Brazilian-style steakhouse offers an expansive lineup of skewered meat, including lamb chops, filet mignon and Portuguese sausage. A mural of people dancing and dining lines the walls and the dim lighting creates an elegant feel. The meal begins with a quality salad bar that features international cheeses, dried meats, olives and marinated veggies like grilled bell peppers alongside the traditional salad ingredients.

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The restaurant bakes its own pies in a large pizza oven, but you won't find American standards like pepperoni. Choose from pizza selections such as pepperoncino, with mozzarella, beef strips and garlic; and Bolognese, with mozzarella, roma tomatoes and Bolognese sauce. If you have room, finish it off with the rhubarb panna cotta, which features peach and grape chutney in a vanilla reduction. A meal for two (appetizer to share, two entrees and two desserts, with a glass of wine and a cocktail, including the auto-gratuity) come to about $73.

La Cucina


Deck 12

Large, family-style wooden tables hug one side of this trattoria, while traditional tables for two to four people line the other. We could have dined solely on the antipasto plate offered here, with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, a couple of thin slices of Parmesan Reggiano, marinated mushrooms and artichoke hearts, thin slices of Parma ham and carpaccio, and rolls and breadsticks with olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping. The meat dish (veal) was impressive, too, but even better was the perfectly al dente side of linguini carbonara that we chose. 

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Starters range from $4 to $8, soups and salads are $3 to $5, specialties start at $16 for a double-cut pork chop and surf and turf (lobster tail and 5-ounce filet mignon) is $25. Sides like sauteed broccoli, truffle mashed potatoes (or fries) and onion rings all run $2 each. Seafood includes a tuna steak ($17) and whole cold-water Maine lobster ($25).

Cagney's Steakhouse


Deck 13

 Norwegian's signature steak and chophouse features an open kitchen, horse paintings and red rose lights that give off a romantic feel as you dine on some quality steaks. The cuts of meat that range from an 18 oz. bone-in ribeye to an 8 oz. gorgonzola-crusted filet mignon. Make your side dish the truffle fries, and if you still have room, try the raspberry creme brulee for dessert. 

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24 Hour Room Service

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24 Hour Room Service

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

24 hour room service is available to all staterooms aboard MSC Divina.

While the continental breakfast is complimentary and requested either using the doorknob request form or by ringing the reception desk, all other items attract a charge.

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