One of the things that we are really proud of, is our educations tracks on board Couples Cruises. Not only are our cruises a lot of fun, with parties and entertainment going to great destinations, but we have seminars and classes where you can learn skills, how to communicate better and how to be a better partner.

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Couples have told us that they had fun, but that their lives were changed by our seminars and workshops and that their relationships are stronger. We have a responsibility to help people learn about themselves, about their partners and about safety issues (especially the BDSM seminars) that will ensure a safe and sane play environment for those looking for this type of information.

We have two types of seminars and workshops:

  1. Free seminars that give a good overview of various subjects from beginners and intermediate rope tying, to how to take better photography. We offer thee major tracks: Adult Education, Tantra and BDSM.
  1. We also offer more intense workshops that have a fee. These workshops are usually longer and are smaller classes with more hands on involvement. The instructors are true professionals in their fields and can be hired for private, individual instruction, if desired.

So check out some of our classes, because there is always more to learn. There is always room for us to grow.

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