Theme Parties

One of the most popular things we do on board a Couples Cruise is our Theme Parties. Whether it’s a Mardi Gras Ball, White Party, Sexy Pajama Party or a Super Hero Costume Ball, our passengers like to dress up like every night is Halloween.

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Get Naked




Carefree &

kid free

You certainly don’t have to dress up or wear a costume, in fact, you can just people watch and you will be amazed by the creativity and pure sexiness of our passengers (but it is fun to participate).

If you are unsure about participating, bring a costume anyway and you will at least have a choice as to participate or not when the night comes. Better to be prepared than to wish you had brought a costume once you are on board.

Body Painters

We will have some of the best body painters in the world on board to help create the perfect “costume” for our theme nights. Hint: Book them early in the week (or even before the cruise) to make sure they can fit you into their schedule.

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