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Cruise through some of the world’s most exotic locations while freely expressing your sexuality with like-minded couples in open relationships. You’ll find thousands of fun, playful couples on board ready to connect and explore with you! Tentative couples who are ‘just curious,’ to experienced swingers up for anything, and everyone in between are invited to join this fantastic voyage.

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Connections that

last a lifetime

Celebrate your partnership

your way


worth having

You and your partner can make your Couples Cruise adventure whatever you want it to be. Dive in head first or simply dip your toes in the water with the assurance that no one is judging you. Our spacious, pressure-free environment allows for many divergent experiences to occur comfortably and safely.

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Only Adults Acting Like Kids

Reignite the passion with your partner or embark on a new adventure; Couples Cruise offers more options for you to indulge and celebrate your sexual liberation! Get intimate in our playrooms, try something new in the dungeon, or rev up your relationship with your newfound connections. We even offer exclusive meet and greets and lifestyle focused seminars to make the most of your encounters. You’re free to experiment on your terms.

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Memorable Connections

While we enjoy it and promote it, Couples Cruise is more than sex. We are a community of open-minded couples and individuals who embrace our sexuality and lifestyle. Here you’ll find lifelong friends who accept each other as they are. This is the place to make real connections with real people just like you!

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