Nudist & Clothing Optional

Adult vacations are for adults, right? Our cruise epitomizes freedom of action, all within a controlled, safe, and respectful environment. We invite party people, swingers, and adventurous couples to explore a Couples Cruise. Unlike most cruises, you’re encouraged to bring your personalities along.

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It’s ok to

bare it all

Fewer Restrictions

more fun

do more in

Less Clothes

Cruises and resorts that enforce overly-restrictive rules and regulations take the adventure out of inherently adventurous situations. On some cruises husbands aren’t even allowed to put sunscreen on their wives, Jacuzzis are shut down at sunset to make sure no one does anything “improper” during the night. We are not that restrictive. We believe that most adults will behave appropriately and do not need such strict rules as long as it is clear that there are no sexual activities in public.

There is a time and a place for everything. Sexual activities should be limited to private places (like your cabin or the designated playrooms). That is why you can always feel comfortable at our pool decks without the fear that an orgy is going to break out in the pool. Our staff is always on hand to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves, and Couples Cruise provides appropriate areas for each level of enjoyment. If you like being nude and getting that great all-over tan, but you don’t want the possibilities to end there, then a Couples Cruise is for you.

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Free to express yourself

Though clothing optional cruises sometimes allow nudity in all areas, we do require clothing in the casino, discos (although you can be topless!), and in the main areas of the ship. We’re a nude cruise that’s sensitive to every couple’s individuality. That’s something that has to go both ways. Our couples can take their experience as far as they want without interfering with anyone else’s. That’s freedom in action. We know that each person has their own fantasies and boundaries, and we cater to all. Our clothing optional decks are the perfect choice for couples that want to get that 360-degree tan. Other nude cruises usually have more restrictions, older clientele, and not near as many entertainment and party options. One big Couples Cruise difference is that our clothing optional areas are restricted to the open air pool and sun decks.

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Only adults acting like kids

While other cruises shut down the pool decks when the sun goes down, turning off the Jacuzzis and shutting down the pool bars, Couples Cruises are just starting to heat up. Our Pool Parties are becoming legendary for their all night dancing and unbelievable energy. You can dance naked on the dance floor or in the Jacuzzi, it doesn’t matter. We’re a nude cruise that keeps the party going all night.

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Clothing Optional Excursions

On every charter, we book special excursions to clothing optional beaches, islands, and boat rides. You won’t get these excursions if you go on a regular cruise! Each excursion is researched and inspected by our team to make sure it offers you the best possible options to extend your clothing optional vacation beyond our ship.

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